coreCYCLE™ - The Ride

a 50 minute, heart pumping, endorphin inducing cardio party. 

Burn anywhere from 400-800+ calories per class and have so much fun you'll forget you're working out! This is not your typical boring SPIN class. 


•no previous experience required

• suitable for all levels

• great for fat loss and cardio endurance

• classes include an upper-body resistance portion giving you a full body workout

30/30  - Cycle/Pilates

a 60 minute, full-body high workout combining cardio and resistance.

You'll start with 30 minutes of cardio on in our CoreCYCLE™ room followed by 30 minutes of body shredding on our custom machines. You get the best of both worlds in one session. 


• no previous experience required

• suitable for all levels

• great for combining cardio and strength

• one of our "secret weapons" for fat loss and body shaping

coreCYCLE™ - 1,000 calorie ride

a 75 minute cardio marathon.

We will burn anywhere from 750-1200 calories in one single class! Challenge your cardio endurance and spend a generous amount of time in your personal fat burning zone! 


• not recommended for beginners or those new to cycling

• suitable for intermediate/advanced riders

• excellent for weight loss and cardio endurance