Coreology™ Pilates - All Levels 

a 45 minute, full-body workout on our custom machines. 

this high intensity yet low impact workout is the only workout of its kind to effectively combine the elements of strength, cardio, fat burning and flexibility all in one workout. 


• no previous experience required

• suitable for all levels

• great for weight loss and body shaping

• the best core workout you can get

Coreology™ Pilates - Beginner

a slower paced version of our signature workout.

In this class you will learn the essential movements and proper form as well as common modifications and a deeper instruction of the Coreology Method. This class is also great for more advanced students who wish to have a deeper understanding of their workouts.


• no previous experience required

• specifically designed with Beginners in mind

• great for those who are easily intimidated by group exercise

• great for those returning from time off or previous injuries

Coreology™ Pilates - HardCORE 

a faster paced, advanced version of our signature workout.

Transition times are shortened to increase the metabolic boost and overall calorie burn. Expect to challenge your muscles in new ways to keep the results coming. 


• previous experience at Coreology IS required

• specifically designed for advanced students

• great for those looking to take their workout to the next level

• great for those seeking quick and noticeable results

30/30  - Cycle/Pilates

a 60 minute, full-body workout combing cardio and resistance.

You'll start with 30 minutes of cardio in our CoreCYCLE™ room followed by 30 minutes of body shredding on our state of the art reformer. You get the best of both worlds in one session. 


• no previous experience required

• suitable for all levels

• great for combining cardio and strength

• one of our "secret weapons" for fat loss and body shaping