Coreology® Classes

Check out our award winning workouts designed to sculpt, strengthen and shape you. 


Coreology® Pilates - featuring the XFormer®

This HIGH INTENSITY workout is guaranteed to increase your metabolism, transform the shape of your body, strengthen your core and tone all over.

This workout is designed for maximum effectiveness and combines cardio, strength, and core in just one class. Expect a sweat drenched, music driven, total body experience that pushes you beyond your comfort zone while burning tons of calories.

This class is suitable and modifiable for all fitness levels. No previous experience necessary. 



HIIT & RUN (Pilates + Treadmill)

Our clients refer to it as "the most challenging workout. Ever." Blast fat and calories with a combination of heart-pumping cardio and muscle-defining strength work.

We combine High Intensity Interval Training on the treadmill with our signature Coreology® Pilates workout. Spend 25 minutes on the treadmill followed by 25 minutes on the XFormer®. 

This class is suitable and modifiable for all fitness levels. You don't need to be a runner to participate. Walking is allowed. 



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