For your convenience, all of your account management happens online. Classes can be booked online up to 30 days in advance. To book a class you will need to:

1. Create a profile on our site with a username and password.

2. Purchase a class package or monthly pass. All purchases are valid for classes at both Coreology locations. Please make your purchase under the location you will frequent the most.

Once you have paid credit(s) on your account you can book your classes directly on our schedule page.



Can't make it to your scheduled class? Please cancel your reservation online. If your reservation is cancelled at least 6-hours before the class your credit will go back to your account to be used in the future. If your reservation is cancelled less than 6-hours prior to class it is considered a LATE CANCEL. For non-unlimited packages, a LATE CANCEL will forfeit that class credit. For unlimited members, a LATE CANCEL will automatically be charged $15 cancellation fee.

A NO-SHOW happens when you do not attend a scheduled class (or if you are not checked in on our iPad for that class). A NO-SHOW will forfeit that class credit. For unlimited members, a NO-SHOW will automatically be charged a $20 no-show fee.

TO CANCEL A RESERVATION: Click on "My Account > Schedule" and click 'cancel' next to the reservation. 


If your desired class is full, add yourself to the waitlist!

In order to join a waitlist you must have a paid credit on your account which will be redeemed only if you get a spot in class.

You will receive an automated e-mail and/or text message (depending on your notification preferences set up on your profile) alerting you of your spot in class. You will not be required to confirm your spot - it's automatically yours!

Our standard cancellation policy applies.


The waitlist is active until 6-hours before class start time. This means you could be added to class at ANY point up until that time. For the early morning classes, you COULD be added in the middle of the night. If you decide before going to bed for the night that you DO NOT wish to be added to class during the night, please remove yourself from the waitlist.


You can remove yourself from the waitlist by logging into your account and navigating to 'Schedule' (on the top left) and clicking 'cancel' next to that class. If you need assistance please feel free to call or e-mail the studio.