If you want the best workout of your life then go here! I’m totally hooked.
— Alley F
The instructors here are top notch. Every class is different and challenging.
— An P
I had been working out at [other studios] for a while so I thought I was in great shape - Coreology just works you out in ways no other place can. I was so excited to wake up sore the next day
— Kristy L
This was my first group class ever. At first I was intimidated there would be beautiful people there and there were, but there were also normal people like me! Once class got started all my worries went out the window. The instructor helped me feel comfortable and I got a very personalized workout. I love it.
— Bianca A
Coreology really has it all. You want a hardcore workout? This is your place. I was intimidated at first but the instructors helped me modify EVERYTHING. I’m shocked how much stronger and fitter I am. I’m so glad I found Coreology!
— Jen M
This is my first exercise studio and probably my last. Coreology has done EVERYTHING right. There’s a class for EVERYONE. I’m sooo impressed.
— Christine O