You're not just another number to us at Coreology. In our small classes of 10-15 men & women, we'll know you by name and you'll be part of the Coreology family.

I personally ensure our instructors are trained for the highest level of service to prevent injury, make it fun, and push you to your personal best in each class.

I founded Coreology Fitness in 2011 after personally experiencing the rapid results in a pilates-based strength-training workout. I crafted an exclusive workout that is:

  • HIGH-INTENSITY: To burn an insane amount of calories!

  • LOW-IMPACT: A safer workout for those w/ past injuries.

  • STRENGTH-TRAINING: Build lean muscle mass and strengthen your core to live and move at your best.

  • SCIENCE-BASED: For proven full-body transformation.

  • WORLD-CLASS: I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of other pilates reformers, so we created the XFormer® machine, the highest quality equipment on the market.

And - with all your hard work, you’ll be amazed by how quickly your body gets stronger and more fit! I look forward to meeting you personally and welcoming you into the Coreology Family!

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