Who said a treadmill had to be boring? Tread, shred, and feel the burn with our tailored cardio and core classes at Coreology Fitness.


Tread X™

(1/2 Cardio + 1/2 core)

The best of both worlds in ONE workout. Combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on treadmills with our signature full-body workout on the XFormer®.

This workout is designed for fast results.

The TreadX™ class helps you achieve rapid and lasting changes in body composition and performance. You’ll burn an impressive number of calories by leveraging interval training while also doing slow-resistance movements to build strength and lean muscle mass.

You will spend half of the TreadX™ class on a treadmill (running is not necessary, walking is welcome) and half the class on the XFormer®.

Please Note: You will need running shoes for the treadmill portion of the TreadX class and grip socks for the XFormer® portion.

• This Class IS Available At All our Locations •


Shred-X™ (20/40)

(20 min. Cardio + 40 min. Strength)

This 60 minute high energy class will start with 20 minutes of fat burning cardio intervals and end with a 40 minute full-body XFormer® strength workout. In Shred-X™, you’ll get sweaty and you’ll love it. If you are looking to supercharge your fitness and work out like an athlete, the Shred-X™ class is for you!

As always, Coreology instructors will be right by your side to tailor and modify the workout to suit YOU, your needs, and your fitness level.

Don’t let the challenge intimidate you, we built the Shred-X™ class for you!

Please Note: You will need running shoes for the treadmill portion of this class and grip socks for the XFormer® portion.

This specialty class may or may not be available at all locations. Please contact us to inquire.


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