yield the power of the XFormer

Don’t waste time on ineffective workouts. Your workouts should be a highlight of your week. Experience the life-changing difference of a Coreology workout on the XFormer®.


XFormer® Workout

• for all fitness levels •

We’ve broken down the latest advancements in research to create a revolutionary workout using our best-in-class XFormer® fitness machine. The workout focuses on high-intensity, slow resistance training that will push your body to the limit. The result? RAPID BODY TRANSFORMATION.

  • Programmed specifically to ensure proper body mechanics and muscle recruitment so your body can function at its highest level.

  • Targets the full body while paying special attention to the two most commonly neglected muscle groups: deep core stabilizers and glutes.

  • Uses constant tension and slow, controlled movements to maximize visible results and eliminate the risk of injury.




Experience Body Transformation on the XFormer®

If you like high-intensity workouts on a pilates reformer machine, you’ll love our best-in-class XFormer®. We’ve designed it with the latest engineering and the highest quality materials for the best full body workout. Once you’ve experienced the XFormer®, there’s no going back!



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I typically hate any kind of group workout class. Coreology has changed that. It is SO SO good, cannot recommend it enough!
— Brittney R.